SONGS OF SOLOMON: An Inspirational Ensemble (SOS), founded in 2001 by veteran conductor, Pastor Chantel Renee Wright, remains true to its mission to serve the world community through its music. Professor Wright (NYU) is a firm believer that arts education stimulates children spiritually and intellectually and builds the family through its commitment to a child’s development. The organization has spread its wings with the implementation of the SONGS OF SOLOMON ACADEMY OF THE ARTS which now serves several schools in the New York City Department of Education and is poised to be the global model for urban education. SOS’s membership originates from the Tri-State area bridging all ethnicities. They have focused diligently on being a safe haven for all young people to flourish. For the past four years 100% of our membership has entered college and 50% are now pursing advanced degrees in the arts.

The Ensemble has performed with Earth Wind and Fire, Carol King, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, listed among a Who’s Who in the performing arts industry. Most recently Songs of Solomon has participated in the Creative Learning Project, Musical Connections, and Count Me In at Carnegie Hall. Songs of Solomon has toured major cities in the United States, Africa, and abroad, won numerous competitions in the metropolitan area, and continues to serve in churches, corporations and major performing venues.




SONGS OF SOLOMON: An Inspirational Ensemble, Inc. is committed to performing inspirational music and preserving the integrity of music, reflective of the African Diaspora. We seek to foster musical excellence and provide a safe haven for youth of diverse spiritual, artistic and social experiences, in an environment free of prejudice and judgment. Through our music, we strive to serve, uplift, educate and inspire the world community.




We envision the Inspirational Ensemble as possessors of land and property to ensure that children in under served communities everywhere have a safe haven for expression.


WE ENVISION the Ensemble as an institution for the development of the whole child, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


WE ENVISION the Ensemble as ambassadors of love throughout the world through tours, workshops, recording and concerts


WE ENVISION SONGS OF SOLOMON ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS as the global model for arts education that will empower children in underserved communities.


WE ENVISION SONGS OF SOLOMON ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS as the leader in employment of underserved Professional Artists who are capable of providing instruction in Vocal, Instrumental, Textile and Culinary Arts.


We are a progressive people who have dedicated our energy and every resource to create a safe haven for children of diverse spiritual, artistic and social experiences, in an environment free of prejudice and judgment.




Jr. Division – Banner Chorale (Ages 10-13)

Concert Choir  (Ages 13-21)

Inspirational “Touring” Ensemble (Ages 19-26)


College Prep – 100% graduation rate with admission into music programs in colleges, universities and conservatories nationwide.


Performance Experience – members are given opportunities to sing in esteemed religious and corporate venues worldwide

Spiritual Development – Members receive biblical teaching and spiritual enrichment in addition to their musical training. Every member grows into positions of leadership in ministry.

Vocal Enhancement – Members receive rigorous vocal training by Pastor Chantel Wright, who has been teaching for over 20 years. The vocal training is designed to give every member a full, healthy sound.


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